Top 10 Tiktok Online Funny Videos of 2019


Now, in this world, everyone is surrounded by social media and using them too. Now, days a new social media is trending and every day a lot of users are creating their account in it. The users of this new platform named tiktok share their own videos and presentations. This social media app tiktok is very much popular in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and countries of Asia. It has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. while at the time of writing this article this app was tending in the google play store and also in the google search. This new tiktok app provides a lot of facility to tiktok users. This app provides its user with a unique facility to make their own lipsing and song videos. I myself is a big fan of the tiktok platform. In this article, I am going to share some of the best top 10 tiktok funny online videos of 2019.

Top 10 Tiktok Funny Videos of 2019

List of Top 10 Tiktok Funny Videos of 2019

The videos given below are the top 10 tiktok funny videos that I ever found in the tiktok platform.

This Tiktok funny video is one of the recent trending videos on the youtube and currently while watching the video it has 2.7 million views. This video is a set of a total of 20 funny videos and the total length of the video is of 5:52 minutes.

While writing this article this tiktok funny video has 3.2 million views and the total duration of this video is 4:12 minutes. It contains a total of 8 funny videos from most of the popular tiktok users. I think this video was recently trending on the youtube.

This video was recently trending on facebook and twitter. This video contains videos from most of the popular tiktok users. Especially the black boy which was recently trending on youtube and many roast had been done in this user.

No, doubt if you are a tiktok lover then you must know this group. This group[ is very much popular in the tiktok platform with the name team07. This group contains videos from the most popular tiktok user mr.fasu. This user is very much popular in the tiktok platform and mostly by girls.

Like team07 this tiktok user named manjul kahttar is very much popular in te tiktok platform. Manjul is a very popular creator and he creates tiktok funny videos in his day to day life. He has currenlt 3.2 million followers while wrtting this article. This video is watched by 532k users on youtube.

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