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The whole internet is full of websites that are made for different purposes like some of them are blogs, Some of them are the websites that provide online service and some of them are E-Commerce website that acts as a medium between the buyers and the sellers and no doubt you all know that how much money does these E-commerce giants make. Today, in this world the richest man is Jeff Benjos who is the only owner of the Amazon an E-commerce based website and which is also worlds most expensive and most net worth company. In fact according to the media reports Jeff benzos the owner of Amazon is currently the world richest man having a net worth of 1,690.59 USD at the time of writing this article and currently 566,000 employees are working in it and according to the media Jeff is not holding many online businesses, Friends, my question is that if Jeff can open websites and make billions of dollars with it then why can’t we. So, in this article, I am going to discuss the exact ways and tactics to make a handsome amount of money by open website online but before proceeding further let me tell you what is a website and how it works and if you all know about it hen you can skip it and move further to the tutorial no how to open websites.

Open Websites

What is a Website?

Well, websites are nothing but the computers that we are using in our day to day life but they are more developed ones and made for a specific purpose. These computers are not the same computer that I am using or you are using in your day to day life these are made for a specific purpose and that is to serve web pages to millions of users and store them on their database and storage. These web servers are mostly owned by web admins or you can say the big web hosting service providers. The web hosting providers make a huge amount of money from it by renting their web servers to us the users for some money or may be free. If you are thinking only web hosting providers can only make host website then you are wrong. According to some web experts and me anyone can host or open website very easily and even you can open websites in your PC and if you want you can rent a VPS too. If you dont know what a VPS is then I will tell you about some other day in some other article.

How does a Website work?

As I told, websites are nothing but web servers that act behind the scene but I know you all are thinking that if websites are web servers how do they get a name or an alphabetic web address whereas all the webservers or computers have a specific IP address. Then I want to tell you that yes, it is true and in this article, I am going to tell you the way how it gets its name and how you can also do it to open a website and earn money out of it. Well, all this-this thing is done by a small piece of software called DNS servers. The work of the DNS servers is to send the alphabetic web address to the web server that is in IP and also to mask the IP address. If you want to try it your self then simply open the command promote and type ping and after that the website you want to find the IP address of and after that copy the IP address and paste it on your web browser. After going to the web address you will see that the same web page appears that the actual IP alphabetic address open and if you want to know how your web browser interacts with the web server then you can know it by simply looking at the below picture.

Browser with server

Ways to Open Websites and Make Money From it:

In this article, I am going to explain two ways to open a website and make a handsome amount of money from it and at the last of this tutorial I am also going to explain the ways to host websites or web servers on your desktop or VPS. So, below are the two ways through which you can open websites.

  • Free Webhosting
  • Paid Webhosting

Free Website Hosting or Free Webhosting:

I must suggest free website Hosting or web hosting to the beginners, newbies or for those who want to host a website for trial purpose or experimental purpose. Below are some of the best 5 companies that will provide you with free website hosting or web hosting free of cost. So without wasting any time, let’s begin with their reviews.



Blogger is one of the eldest and popular web hosting providers that will provide you fully free of cost web hosting and the best part of it is owned by the tech giant Google. It is the best free web hosting provider for Newbies or Beginners as its interface is very easy to use and any own can start a blog and make money out of it. It is also the partner of google adsense that means you can verify absence free of cost through it and make money online from your website but one thing that you can do in blogger is that you cannot use a programming language like PHP and Mysql which is only the demerit of this hosting provider. It is my personal advice to all the beginners to use it. If you want to want to make a website here click here.



WordPress is the same company who is owning and behind the behind the WordPress CMS. Like Blogger WordPress acts as the same. Its interface is very user-friendly and makes the work of the blogger very easy. Like the blogger, its serving speed is very fast and it does not require any advanced configuration as It is already configured by the company. According, to me this is also good for the Newbie or the beginners but it has two demerits. The first one is Google Adsense is not a partner of it that means you will have to approve it manually which is a little bit difficult and the other demerit is that like Blogger you can also not use PHP and Mysql. Like Blogger here also you can open websites. To. Sign Up here click here.


Wix is personally tested by me and I am fully satisfied with the service provided by it. It comes with custom web builder through which anyone can create a beautiful and smart website very easily and also one can customize it with drag and drop option. So, from that, you can imagine how easy it is to open websites here. Besides that, the servers are very fast and page loads very quickly you have a good internet speed. They also provide their Premium service which provides you with more features and options to customize If you ask me my revies on it then I must say you can give a try to it and it’s my guarantee you will be satisfied with its services. If you open a website here then click here.



000Webhost is a web hosting service provided by the web hosting giant hosting. Hostinger is a UK based Webhosting provider and has many branches in different countries like India and others. I have hosted many websites in 000WebHosting when I was a beginner and a web developer. At that time after preparing a theme, I use it to host my theme and see how it looks. Its server speed is very good and like a premium web hosting provider it provides you all the features required but within a limit. According to me the only demerit about is that a pop up will appear at the below of the screen saying that it is hosted in 000WebHost. It is very good for testing and experimental purpose but I will not suggest you host a website here. If you want to host a website her then click here.



It is the Co-partner of the 1FreeHosting and the same owner is behind this website who is behind the 1FreeHosting. 2FreeWebHosting is a very good hosting provider that will provide you all the features and tools that is required by a web developer or an owner to hose a beautiful and fast website and I have personally tested this web hosting prover to host several websites and believe me they have awesome service. It’s all features are same as the 000WebHost but it has one benefit and one demerit of it. The demerit is that the speed of the servers are not very good and get down easily and the benefit is that it does not show you any type of pop up or ads on your website. To create a website in 2FreeHosting click here.

Premium Website Hosting Providers:

So, after the free website hosting providers lets begin with the premium website hosting providers that provide you the web hosting service with a little fee. Premium web hosting is best to create professional websites and to create great blogs and other websites because you can use different CMS like WordPress, Magento, WHMCS Machine etc. Beside that premium web hosting provides you many other services like they will provide you ssh service, Personal email agree with your custom domain and the best part of their services is that you can use a variety of programming languages like PHP, Mysql, Python, Perl etc on your website to code and program your website which is a very essential feature to open websites and make money online. For those who are serious in open website and make money, I strongly suggest them to use premium website Providers or web hosting providers. So, here is a list of 5 best Webhosting Service providers that provide you awesome services.



Godaddy is one of the oldest and best web hosting providers and in fact, this blog where I am currently working is hosted by GoDaddy. I am fully satisfied with their service and I must suggest you give it a try to open websites. This web hosting provider provides you the best offers then any other web hosting service provides and the security level of their data center is very secured. So, there is no change of any data leakage or steling of your script. The serving speed of GoDaddy’s servers are very fast and their packages are very affordable. If you want to open your website then Click here to SignUp.



I have put Hostgator in the second of this list because its service is quite similar to the day but its server speed is not very much good and their packages are a little bit costly but still, their customer support service is quite very good and friendly. They also many times run various offers like “Black Friday” during which you can register domains and buy web hosting at a very cheap price. The data center of this company is present in many locations. So, you can choose any custom location to host your file. I must suggest you host your website near you or the location near to your customers or reader due to the nearness of the servers they can access your file faster and quicker. This is also a factor of SEO. If you want to Open your Website click here.



It is an American based web hosting provider which is not tested by me but one of my friends tried their service and he said to me that their server speed is very good but he does not like its customer service and according to him BlueHost does not provide many features with their packages and their servers are only present only in America. They do not run any promotional programs and offers for their service and I should not suggest this web hosting provider to those who are living outside of America. Those who want to open websites in BlueHost click here.



SiteGround is another American based web hosting provider that provider where you can open websites and make money from them. Look, I have not personally tested their service but according to one of my customer they provide good web hosting service but they charge a good amount of money. According to him this hosting provider specialized in WordPress hosting and if you host your WordPress website here then you dont have to take any worry. They will take complete care of it. It is the best hosting provider for those who want to start their blog. To open websites here click here.



This is another American based web hosting provider that provides your a shared web hosting at a very affordable price and believe me. One year back I have purchased a domain and a web hosting from them and believe me their service worth money. Like other companies, they provide you with all the features but one additional feature that is different from all of them is that you can run python on their server. Which is a very cool and essential feature for the advanced web development. They have also a demerit and that is their uptime 99.91% which is still good. If you want to do some advance development stuff on your website then I must suggest you all open websites here. If you want to open your websites then click here.


In this article, you have learned how to open Websites and make money and also know some of the best free and paid web hosting providers. If you want to know how to host or open websites in your local computer or in VPS then please comment below. If you like this post then dont forget to share this article with your friends and also dont forget to bookmark and subscribe to my website.


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