Last.Fm Got Hacked Exposing Sensetive Data


Last.Fm got hacked in the 22nd march of 2012 by a group of unknown hackers according to the media sources. One of the hackers from the group had shared the hacked database details with the Leaked Source admin. According to the admin the hacker had shared the details of the hacked database with his jabber id “[email protected]” and shared about a total of 43,570,999 user details. Now the data is publicly available and anyone can search the details through the Have I been Pwned website. As the leaked source website is currently down and not responding correctly.

Last.Fm Got Hacked

What is Last.Fm?

Last.Fm is one of the most popular and famous online music services where anyone can listen to the songs and music for free of cost online. This service is owned by CBS Corporation and CBS interactive. Last.Fm provides you the functionality to search music by singers name and listen to them besides that it also recommend some other related music. If you want to know about it then you can refer this article.

Structure of Data

According to the admin, the format of the database contains the usernames, passwords, join date, and some other import sensitive data.
The admin of the Leaked Source verified the details with Softpedia reporter Catalin C who was in breach along with her colleagues.
Anyone can search their details on HaveIBeenPwned website and if you found any personal details leaked then you can report it to the HaveIBeenPwned admins for its removal.

Lastfm hack

Structure Of the Password

According to the admin of the Leaked Source, the password is encoded unsalted in MD5 hashes that means anyone can crack the password with a simple brute force attack. The admin of the leaked source said to the media reporters that I took him around two hours to crack and convert 96% of the password using the tools like Hashcat. The admin had also shared some of the most used and most insecure passwords in his blog along with the number of users using that password. So, here is one screenshot of the list of most commonly used passwords along with the user’s number.

Structure Of Email

He also shared a huge list of the email domains used by the members of the Last.Fm.

Growth Of Site

According to the admin of Leaked Source, the hacker had also shared the details of the number of users registered along with the year or registration.


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