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Instagram is the most popular and most trending socialmedia. Every day thousands of photos and videos are uploaded to this social media giant and shared between the user’s relatives and friends online and today in this world everyone wants to get more views and likes on this platform. So, in this tutorial, I am going to share some of the best tips and tricks to get more attention on social media or you can say get more views, shares, and likes on your photos and videos online. I have noticed that most of the people try to upload their most beautiful and attractive photos online and I know some of you also try to upload their photoshop edited photos but still not getting many likes, shares, and views but as I told in this tutorial I am going to shares only the best ways to get free Instagram likes and views . So, without wasting any time lets go to the tutorial on how to do it and get free Instagram likes views and shares.

Actually, in this tutorial, I am going to share two ways to get free Instagram likes out of which one is the manual way and another is an automated way. I know you dont like manual ways but still manual is the best as there is a huge chance of getting banned from Instagram by using automated tools. So first we will go through the manual ways.

Manual Methods

Manual Ways Of Getting Free Instagram Likes and Followers
To get free likes and followers manually from Instagram is easy.

Using Hashtags

Using hashtags to get followers and likes is super easy and the best way to get more views like and followers on your Instagram account. In this trick, you dont have to know rocket science. You just have to use some of the tags related tags to your post or related occupation. You can also use the trending tags too. Now, if a question arises on your mind that how you would know the best and trending hashtags then you can use free tools like Hashtag app for Android users and you can follow the Hashtagforlikes website too. They provide some of the best and trending hashtags for your use.

Tagging Others

Tagging others is my second best trick to get followers and likes. When you upload any photo or video always try to tag some people and always try to tag those people who are much famous on Instagram and other social media platforms and believe me if you have done this process correctly then you are going to get lots of followers and views.

Following Others

Following others is a good way to get free Instagram Likes and followers as of when you follow someone then they also follow back you and most of the time it happens but there is still a chance that they will not follow you back.

Automatic Method

This is the method which does take many human efforts or you can say hard work and you can get free Instagram likes and views and followers free of cost and this automatic method is totally depends on the bots and one more thing I want to state that due to using of automated tools to get followers and likes on Instagram there is a chance of getting banned by Instagram. Bots are considered as spam by most of the social media platforms and Instagram is also one of them. In this method, the sites or apps that provide free likes and followers send their bots or fake Instagram account to your Instagram account to follow you and like your posts.

There are not only one or two sites but many sites that provide you this service.

Here are the steps that you can follow to get likes and Followers

1 – Go to


2 – Fill the short form and provide the username and email.


3 – Solve the Captcha.

3rd step

4 – Accept the terms and conditions .

4rth step

5 – Click on Free Likes.


After clicking, you will have to wait for 90 seconds or less and after some time you will notice a sudden increase in your followers and likes on your photos and videos.

Some Other Sites That Provides You The Same Service



I always recommend you to use the manual way as it is risk-free and compare to the automated way. If you all like this article then dont forget to share this article with others and bookmark this site. You can also do email subscription too.


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