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Amazon is one of the biggest tech giants in today’s world. No, doubt all of you know about it. The owner of the Amazon networks is the world richest man. Amazon has many subsidiaries and prime is one of them. Currently while writing this article amazon prime has 32.2 million users. In this article, I am going to give you a huge list of working amazon prime accounts for students. While writing this article all the logins are working. In the future, I am also going to update the list in the future. For those who dont know anything about amazon prime then they can refer a short summary given below. If you already know about it then you can skip it and move directly to the login details.

Amazon Prime Accounts for free

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a subsidiary of Amazon networks. It is an online streaming network which allows you to watch online movies and web series. You can compare this service with Netflix. The only difference that you will observe between Amazon Prime and Netflix is that the price between both the networks is different. Netflix charges you a lot of money as compared to the amazon prime.

History of Amazon Prime

As I told earlier amazon prime is a subsidiary of Amazon networks. It was first launched in the united states of America and later it was launched in different countries of Europe and later on Asia. Currently, while writing this article it has more than 20 million registered users and currently, it is very much famous in countries like America and Japan. Some days back the international tech giant Apple had announced that he will launch its own online streaming platform. It was declared by the current CEO of the apple networks. Since there is a very heavy competition between the online streaming giants. It is very much possible that we are going to get very nice plans at cheap prices with good features in the future.

Top 5 Best Shows on Amazon Prime

Here is a list of all time best shows that are only launched on amazon prime. You can watch this movie by using our Amazon prime accounts login.



This movie is one of the best movies on the amazon prime having a lot of views. This movie is based on the novel Hannibal written by the famous writer Thomas Harris. This movie is full of psychological thriller and adventure. This movie is one of the high rated movies on the amazon prime. In this movie, the main character is will, Graham. He was a professor by profession but he is actually the real serial killer and he was behind all the killings.

The Wire

The Walk
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According to the experts, this movie is rated as the second highest rated movie in the amazon prime. This movie is an action and thriller based movie against drugs and its effect on society. This movie is rated as 4.5 at the rotten tomato and rated 4 stars at the IMDB. This movie starts with a group of police and detective following a group of criminals hoping to catch at least one criminal. If they can catch the criminals they can get all the information they want.

The Americans

The American

This movie is based on a popular old American story. In 1981 percent Ronald reign was elected. During this time like all the Americans, Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings are enjoying all the rights and efforts due to which cold war was triggered between the different class of the American society.

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