Top 5 Best Torrent Websites of 2019


Well, today in this world everyone wants to get free content and for that most of them depend on the free file sharing sites and networks like torrents. Most of the people depend on the torrent sites because it provides them much security to both the downloader and uploader and the best part is that it is a peer to peer based file sharing network that means you are not going to be tracked by any of the investigation agency. Nowadays most of the free file sharing or you can say Piracy providing networks are banned by most of the countries but still, some of the networks are alive and they are providing the piracy contents to the users for free of cost. So, in this post, I am going to talk about such kinds of torrent networks. In this article, I am going to cover the top 5 best torrent websites of 2019 from where you can download free contents as well as you can share your content with others too. So, without wasting any single minute lets move on to the list.

Top 5 Best Torrent Websites of 2019

Here, is the list of top 5 best torrent websites of 2019 to download and share free contents.


No, doubt most of you already know this torrent network. I know most of you are thinking that how this network is in the top 5 torrent network list of 2019 as it was dead some days back. I know and I want to make you clear that this website is revived again by the same administrators and moderators. This website is providing you the same content as it was providing earlier but with more free contents and with more active seeders and leechers. So, I must suggest you all visit this website once and try it out.


Well, like the Limetorrent was also banned by many countries but now this website is again alive with another domain extension but with the same content. You can say is as an old book within a new cover. When I have visited this website recently. I have noticed that the number of seeders and leechers are increasing day by day. That means more and more users are visiting this network and using it to share files and other media with other users for free of cost. Well, in recent past years this torrent website was performing well and nowadays too the user base is increasing massively.


This torrent and file-sharing site is the oldest and the most popular network in history. If you are a regular torrent user and downloading files and media from torrent networks from past years then you might know that this torrent network was once seized by the US Department of justice. The administrator of this network is still in jail. After, the imprisonment of the administrator some of the moderators and users of this website are able to revive the same website with different domain extension. It is my personal favorite website to download all the media files and applications.


This site is not a file and media sharing site but it is actually the search engine through which you can search any torrent file and it will give you the list of websites where the downloadable file is available. I personally prefer this search engine rather than searching for an individual torrent website. This search engine provides me the power to search my file over a bunch of torrent networks rather than any individual. This search engine includes all the legit and popular torrent networks in its list like Limetorrents, The pirate bay, etc.


Well, at the time of writing this article all the torrent websites and networks are in working condition but it possible that they may be banned in the future or maybe already banned in your country. If you see any type of error like the site is not opening or showing any type of message then try to open it with a VPN. In this article, I have tried to cover a list of the
best torrent websites of 2019. I hope all of you like the websites and if anyone is facing any problem then please contact me in the comment section.


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