All About E – commerce or Electronic Commerce


Today in this article I am going to say all about e-commerce or Electronic Commerce. E-commerce is nothing but buying and selling things online. Sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are the big players in things market selling millions of dollars of things online and making a huge profit. So to learn all bout e-commerce read the whole article.

all about e-commerce or Electronic commerce

So, without wasting any time let us begin with some to the basic questions and answers and at last of this article, I think you will know all about E-commerce or Electronic Commerce.

What is E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce?

E-commerce is nothing but Buying and selling things online. E-commerce is the most famous and popular business in today’s world and almost it is available in all countries of the world. Tech giants like Amazon and eBay are opening their branches in each and every country to start selling their goods online and make a huge profit from them. You can understand the popularity and profit of this business by taking the example of Jeff Benzos. Jeff Benjos is the owner of Amazon Inc and also the world richest man. At first, he started this company as an online bookselling market or you can say he is in book e-commerce or electronic commerce and as the years passed he improved his site and started selling other things and in March of 2018 he became the world richest man by defeating the Bill Gates the owner of Microsoft. Now Bill is in the second position and Jeff is in the first position. So, you can understand the power of E-commerce or electronic commerce. Just think about it if Jeff can do it then why can’t you. I mean yes, If he can be the world richest man by selling goods on e-commerce or Electronic commerce then think about it what you can do. He started from e-commerce and now he his owning many other companies and there are around 613,000 people working in his companies and if you see his net worth then it is around $112.

How Does E-commerce Work?

As its name suggests e-commerce that means electronic commerce. The base of e-commerce is web servers. I mean it is fully dependent on web servers for its working and for any reason like DDOS attack or heavy traffic the server becomes down then the company will face a huge loss. This is the reason why most of the tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, eBay and of course Amazon have such huge rooms full of web servers to handle the requests and reduce the bounce rate. It is an import factor for SEO too. In e-commerce or electronic commerce the buyer generally searches in the e-commerce site and buy things. Actually here the e-commerce site acts as a medium between the seller and buyer and takes commissions from the seller in each and every sale. If you are thinking that the e-commerce company or Electronic commerce company own all the goods and sell them then you are totally wrong. In big e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay etc the sellers are people like you and me. They list their products on the sites and people buy them. It is always not necessary to sell your products online you dont need to be a seller at the big giant e-commerce compies or electronic commerce companies. If you want you can start your own company and start selling online and you can also invite people to become seller from your site and can charge commission from them for each sale but to start a successful e-commerce site there are certain problems given below that you will face to create successful e-commerce or electronic commerce site. So, in this part of this article, you have learned all about e-commerce mechanism.

Problems With E-commerce Bussiness?

Here, is a list of problems which is mostly faced by the people in this industry. In this part of this article, you are going to learn all about e-commerce problem faced by the people in the industry and also you are going to get the suggestion to get ride of this issues.


In e-commerce or electronic commerce industry SEO( Search Engine Optimisation) is the biggest problem faced by the people and to be successful in this field you must have a good SEO optimized website to be a good seller as SEO will bring you the traffic and the more the traffic you have more the sales you will generate. This is the key factor for the success of an e-commerce site. It is my own suggestion to all of you those who want to start their own e-commerce site or electronic commerce site they must have a good team to build backlinks and manage all the SEO factors if you can’t afford it then you can also hire experts from Fiverr. It is a great place for getting good services at affordable prices.

all about e-commerce or Electronic Commerce SEO

Price and Shipping

price and shipping play an important role in the e-commerce industry. This industry is full of competitors and if you want to make a good sale in this industry then you will to take care of your customer and provide them with the best price from other sellers. If you provide the goods at a great price then it is sure that they will return back to your site and may purchase some products too. Shipping is also a great problem in this industry depending on your location and your services. If you are shipping worldwide then it may create some problems like late delivery, Product may get a break during its way. If you are shipping worldwide then it is always suggested that you should accept payment from credit card, debit card or any other online payment service.

all about e-commerce or Electronic Commerce problems

CMS or Softwares to Start an E-commerce Site

Here, is a list of good software or CMS to start successful e-commerce or electronic commerce site and, make money from it. If you dont know what a CMS is then I want to say that CMS stands for the content management system. It manages all your work in your system automatically and provides you full control no your system. These CMS are designed by the experts in the industry those who know all about e-commerce and its optimization. As the developers themselves are in this industry and know all about e-commerce problems faced by the people so, they had made these CMS in such a way that it reduces human efforts and manual work.



In the e-commerce industry, Magento is the key player. According to a research done by ahrefs, there are around 40% sites on the internet that are powered by Magento. And for beginners, it is strongly suggested to use it. It has a GUI interface and does not require any type of advance knowledge to operate it and it is totally free too.



According to the same survey conducted by ahrefs, ABOUT 17.65% e-commerce or electronic commerce sites are powered by it. This is free software and has the very really cool features that you dont find in any other software. It is actually not a CMS it is a plugin which you can install on your WordPress site. Yes, to use it you will have to first install it and after that, you can install this plugin. It is very SEO friendly and the best part of this plugin is that you can use Yoast with it that will convert your site into an E-commerce jet.



If you have ever searched about the e-commerce industry then you must have heard about Shopify. It is the most popular e-commerce platform in this industry that will provide you custom themes and optimized designs that will boost your traffic and sales but this software is not free and you will have to pay for it there plan starts from 29$ to 299$. They provide lots of features and I think their service worth the money.



PrestaShop is an e-commerce solution programmed with PHP and also it comes with MySQL support. This cms or software is free of cost and its lichens are open software lichens that means you dont have to pay anything. It comes with user-friendly GUI based system which makes the work of the owner and their users very easy and fast. It is very lightweight and easy to handle. I must suggest you all give it a try.



It is the fifth most use e-commerce cms or software used by most of the big players in the e-commerce or electronic commerce industry. It comes with various tools that make the task of the admin very easy to handle. It is also freeware and coded in PHP and Mysql. Open Cart gives you the function or feature to track the location of your customers and they also provide other functions easy customization, drag and drop functionality and a lot of other tools and functions.


So in this article, you have all about e-commerce or electronic commerce. According to me, e-commerce is the best source to generate a good amount of money online but it requires a lot of hard work and time to optimize your site and to sell goods online. It is my personal suggestion to all the newbies or beginners in this industry to research do good research and analyze other e-commerce websites before working on the actual field and at last, I want to say that if you like this article then share online with your friends and dont forget to subscribe to the newsletters. If you have any problem in understanding anyhing then you can comment below and feel free to ask.


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