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City of Flint is Getting Money to Install new Water Meters

The city of Flint is Getting Money to Install new Water Meters

From many years city of Flint was suffering from water scarcity and water robbery problems due to old and damaged water meters people are able to cheat the government and millions of gallon water were wasted every year due to leakage.
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So, after many years of trouble, some of the Environment protection agencies of the city Flint have approved a plant that will allow the city of Flint to invest millions of dollar to replace the old meters and install new meters.
According, to the sources $120 has been raised and it is declared by the Federal and State government and soon the work of new installation of new water meters in the city of Flint will start soon.

What Did Officials say? 

The city of Flint Finacial chief officer, Haugher Newsom said that "New meter will help in improve the water bill system and reduce water theft". According, to him it is impossible to say that where the  120 million gallons of water is going every day and he also said that the government is planning to install 11,000 new water meters in the city of Flint.

This, the scheme was approved by the EPP and according to the officials, the workers will start the work of installation soon.

The DEQ worked closely with the city of Flint and soon the work is going to start in the city and planning is also going on how they will start and how they will start and complete their work as soon as possible.

Today, the mayor of the city Karen Wever said that " This is a great decision taken by the government and it is definitely going to help in the development of the city ".

What have the Other Steps Taken?

In Addition to this, the government is also planning to give relief fund to the citizens and repair of the water line. So, that less leakage of water will take place.

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