Sunday , March 24 2019

Pinterest Account : Instant Pinterest Account Deletion

Pinterest Account

Today, in this world everyone is using social media starting from kids to old people. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the giants in this industry but there are few platforms which are still struggling for there existence like Google plus, Bizsugar and Pinterest. No, doubt Pinterest is …

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Bollywood HD Movies Download Site List Of 2019

Bollywood hd movies download list

Here is a huge list of sites where you can download Bollywood HD movies for free of cost or you can say a Bollywood HD movies download site list. As you know that in today’s world downloading a movie online is very difficult especially in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, …

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Last.Fm Got Hacked Exposing Sensetive Data

Last.Fm Got Hacked

Last.Fm got hacked in the 22nd march of 2012 by a group of unknown hackers according to the media sources. One of the hackers from the group had shared the hacked database details with the Leaked Source admin. According to the admin the hacker had shared the details of the …

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Open Websites and Make Money Online

Open Websites

The whole internet is full of websites that are made for different purposes like some of them are blogs, Some of them are the websites that provide online service and some of them are E-Commerce website that acts as a medium between the buyers and the sellers and no doubt …

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Start Selling on Flipkart

selling on flipkart

In this world every one want to make money but most of the people failed to do it due to there weak determination power and hard work but most people dont know that they can still make a handsome amount of money online fast and easily by selling things online …

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